Color Palettes

Color Palettes

When we got engaged a couple months back then set the date a few weeks later, I thought hey, I’m good — throw some tea on the kettle and enjoy a scone, I’ve got a whole year to plan! Erm…why is time going so quickly? Can someone please press pause for just a milisec? I’d like to find the button that fell off my flats, or order that book I’ve been meaning to read. And I swear I said that making this pasta was happening soon?

I know that there are so many different ways to plan & do a wedding (major kudos to this couple who decided to be their own chefs!) so I’m going to throw the results to the wind and just take it step by step. Today, we’re talking color palettes. I’m such an avid fan of Lauren Willhite’s blog, Color Collective, which has been helping me browse through a fun mishmash of options for our tablescapes and bouquets. She’s got such vision and I love that her palettes are wedding inspiration from a nonwedding source!

We haven’t nailed down a florist, but we do have our venue and a whole lotta space to work with. SR and I chose the  Adamson House not only for its beachfront location, but also because the home itself is chock-full of character. Because it’s an off-site venue (i.e. it just comes as a space to hold the ceremony/reception and nothing else), SR and I are in charge of hiring all the other rentals (from tables, to chairs, to food and building a full kitchen, the works!).

wpid P1030489 600x337 Color Palettes

wpid P1030492 390x600 Color Palettes

wpid P1030491 600x337 Color Palettes

wpid P1030493 600x329 Color Palettes

wpid P1030484 600x261 Color Palettes

wpid P1030486 337x600 Color Palettes

Here are few that I’ve been playing around with from Color Collective, keeping in mind our early fall wedding date and the colors of the space that we don’t want to accentuate the wrong way or take away from. Simple joys!

the splash of coral red…or how about even just the colors of her outfit?

finland colors Color Palettes

the rich burgundy here…

fruit colors Color Palettes

this is soothing and slightly masculine

maya colors Color Palettes

ooh, deep warm hues to offset the turquoise of the venue

camila colors Color Palettes

i’m all for this!

slavaphilippov Color Palettes

neutrals? yes, please.

neutral Color Palettes

I could go on all day, but I’ll leave you to take over for me. Try browsing sometime — it’ll get your wheels spinning.



Color Palettes photos: Color Collective